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¿Can you send me a photo of my design before printing?

¡Yes! We need a minimum deposit of 50 on all purchases before we begin the design process, simply because we have a minimum commitment since we have to invest a few hours to develop the designs you ask us. Or there is also another possibility of paying the entire product and streamlining the production process. Once the design is finished we will send it to you so you can verify. If everything is correct it will go into production and if a correction has to be made, we will modify it and send it back for another verification.

¿How long will it take my order to be sent after I make the payment and the signal or the transfer?

Generally orders are shipped between 5 to 7 working days. After approval, we print, we laminate, we cut and we package your order for shipment. This is generally a 3 to 5 day process to allow the maximum quality of the product.

I don’t see designs for my motorcycle model, ¿can you do the graphics for my motorcycle?

¡Yes! We have a wide range of templates for most bikes of 1987 onwards. Anyway send us a whatsapp or an email to find out if we have templates for your motorcycle. We can adapt our current adhesive kits for motorcycles of inferior years.

¿Can you do a Red Bull / Monster Energy / Rockstar kit for me?

No, unless we have an official and specific authorization made by the energy drink company itself.

¿Can you order another sticker kit, which is not designed in the catalog?

¡Yes!As long as it’s legal. You can send us a picture of a kit of stickers that you have seen on the Internet or a motorcycle that you like and we will replicate the design that you have ordered.

I have a personal logo,which I want to add to my sticker kit, ¿Can you do this?

¡Yes! The logo must be in EPS, PDF or Adobe illustrator format, mainly in vector format. We don’t accept Jpeg, Jpg, Gif or BMP.